How do you weather the inevitable storms?


As I was thinking today about how I balance my emotions, I came across a story by Mark Nepo about a house made of clay.  He told how he came upon this simple house in South Africa that had a thin sheet of metal on it.  Looking further at the house, he noticed the roof was held on by a rope strung over the top of it, held down by two bags filled with sand.  He stood there wondering and thinking to himself,

 “That’s precarious that they don’t use nails or screws to hold it down”  

He went on his way, but the thought of that house came back to him again and again.  After some time, it dawned on him.  The occupants in that house had the ability to remove their roof and let the sunshine in when the weather would permit.  He went on to envision the similarity of the house with his life.  Where was he nailing down when he could have been flexible to allow some sunlight in.  

This story gave me pause to reflect as well.  I thought of the occupants of the home.  During a storm, they are safely grounded and protected from the weather.  The roof prevents their home from getting drenched with rain.  When the sun comes out, they have the ability to remove their roof and let the sunshine in filling their whole home. 

How am I doing that in my life? 

What do I need to do to stay grounded and protected from the storm? It’s not if the storm will come, they always do.  It’s about what I do when the storm comes.  Life is not always sunshine and rainbow.  Sometimes it rains.  Sometimes it pours.  Sometimes we are frozen out in the snow.  The question is what are you doing to stay grounded during the storm.  

What practices have you put in place to protect you from the storms?

For me, I use several practices.  I meditate ever day.  It’s a time for me to quiet my thoughts and focus on my mantra or my breathe.  Thoughts come up; they are like the storm.  It’s not if, but when. Meditation slows me down enough so I can listen to those thoughts.  I can listen to my self-talk and determine if that self-talk is serving my greatest good or not.  And yes, I know we are “supposed” to drop all thoughts when we meditate and I do, but for me, I use this as a time to listen as well.


Another practice I use, is journaling.  This another way for me to get the problems that are in my head, and growing I might add, down on paper.  Somehow, when I get them down on paper they lose some of the big scariness.  I don’t necessary solve the problems when I do that, but it’s me giving them over to a power greater than myself to deal with.  Often, I will go back and read some of the passages and laugh.  The thing that I thought was overwhelming, scary and freezing me in my tracks is laughable now.  Some of the problems worked themselves out.  Some weren’t really problems at all. Some I came up with my own solution to, Divinely lead I am sure.  Yes, some are still there too. 


The third thing I do is Qigong for the Earth element and for grounding.  This practice helps me to root my energy in my lower dantian.  It helps me to learn from the emotions that are coming up instead of allowing them to take over and control my life.  The practice helps me to clear my head and believe in myself and my abilities.  It puts my head where my feet are.  

Qigong for Earth Element 

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