Same Old Same Old?


When I first started coaching, I thought I had a focus. In other words, I thought I knew who my clients would be. Then people started reaching out to me. “Can you help me with over eating? I need a menu plan.” “Can you help me with the clutter in my home? It is weighing me down.” “Can you help me with my business plan? I am frozen and don’t know where to start.” “Can you help me? I don’t want to go on diabetes medication.” And there were others that ran the gamut.

Needless to say, from the outside none of these clients had anything in common. Some wanted lifestyle changes. Some wanted guidance around food. Some wanted business coaching. But, the more I worked with them, the more I saw the under lying theme that was preventing them from reaching their goals. They were trying to do the same thing and expecting different results.

Has that ever happened to you? I know it has for me. It took me a long time to figure out that the same line of thinking that brought me to this current situation, which I was trying to change, was not going to get me out. Was it Einstein that defined that as insanity?

I needed a new perspective. I needed an outside eye on my situation. I needed someone to walk with me and help me make the changes I wanted to see in my life. And that is exactly what I did. I would love to tell you that now my life is absolutely perfect and I am happy all the time, but that would be a BOLD FACE LIE! I still have difficulties in my life. I still make a decision that doesn’t turn out the way I thought it would. I still make mistakes. Here is the difference for me. Today, I know when I need outside help. I know when to listen to my own instincts and when things don’t turn out as I plan, I learn from it. It is not the freedom from difficulties that make our life pleasant, it is our ability to learn, grow and try something different that makes life enjoyable.

What are some of your experiences in life that you have learned from? I would love it if you shared them with me.