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Coaching for Mind Body Soul

When I first signed up for the Qigong class with Jacki, I had no idea what to expect.  I was looking for ways to self-care, and managing my winter blues, but this class was so much more! Jacki came prepared to teach and immediately put us at ease showing how approachable the classes would be from the first day.  I truly enjoyed learning about Qigong origin, philosophy and gentle ways to move energy throughout my organs and body.  The kidneys were the focus for the season, but I felt benefits in my lungs as well because many forms of breathing were introduced during the classes.  My joints gained flexibility, and some of the movements were just plain FUN!  As a result of practicing Qigong I obtained emotional balance and felt energized during the cold day.  I highly recommend Qigong classes with Jacki.  I definitely would enroll and try learning and practicing another Qigong Season!


Ana Hardy

Coaching for Mind Body Soul

I am the coach of a division 1 varsity sports team The meditation training that Jacki provided to our team was very effective. I thought it might be intimidating at first, but it was quite the opposite. She broke down the concepts into digestible sections that were easy to absorb and grasp, which was important because it was the first time most of the team had been exposed to meditation and mindfulness.  The course work was always interesting, and Jacki kept the training vibrant with stories, examples and anecdotes that were relevant and engaging. The team has gone on to use the meditation training to good use in their sport, the classroom and in life. I highly recommend Jacki and her meditation services and training.

Sandra Worman

Coaching for Mind Body Soul

I entered Jacki's Qigong class with ZERO experience. I barely knew what I was getting myself into. Jacki was an incredible instructor. She has a very gentle approach and explains everything so thoroughly. When I left my morning Qigong, my mind and body felt both awake and at ease.

Meghann Chapman