What is Qigong?


Simply put, Qi means energy and gong means working with. It is an ancient Chinese Medicine practice of cultivating Qi and moving it through the body for health and wellbeing. Everything is energy; from the chair you sit on to the organs in your body to the sun’s rays you feel on your skin. Traditional Chinese medicine knew this concept long before Einstein spoke that all matter is energy.

Qigong is a series of movements that help to move energy through the body by purging, tonifying and circulating Qi. It is paired with breath work and attention to the body. It is a gentle practice that helps you to calm your mind, get in touch with your body, strengthen your muscles, improve your balance, and improve circulation.

There are several types of Qigong, such as medical/wellbeing, martial and spiritual. Within those types there are thousands of forms which were handed down from generation to generation within China.

They type of Qigong that I practice and teach is medical/wellbeing Qigong with some spiritual Qigong thrown in the mix. I also practice and teach according to the seasons. The season we are in now (at least in the Northern Hemisphere) is Winter.

Take a minute and think about how nature is during Winter…

During winter, nature rests. Days are shorter. Animals hibernate. Trees lose their leaves. All of nature slows down and rests during this time.

How about you? Do you take a little extra time to rest during winter? Do you take extra time during this season for self-care?

I want to encourage you to give it a try. You don’t have to completely hibernate during the winter season, but is there a way you could be a little gentler with yourself? May put off starting a new project for a little while. Maybe trying going to bed a little earlier. Maybe trying taking some time on your days off to rest and simply be. (You do take days off from work, I hope!)

Let me know what options you might be willing to try. I would love to hear about them.

Also, want to invite you to join me for my Qigong* in Winter 4-week series, January 10, 17, 24 & 31 at 4:30 pm live via Zoom or in person at Healing Hara Massage and Wellness Center, if you happen to live near Summerville SC. During this class we will learn all about the Yin energies of winter and how best to care for ourselves, and in turn others. We learn some gentle exercises to nourish the Water element and do some guided meditations where you might just end up taking a Qi nap. It’s good for you :wink:

Check out my website [www.coachingformindbodysoul.com](http://www.coachingformindbodysoul.com/) send me an email at jacki@coachingformindbodysoul.com text/call me at 843-885-4884 or if you are ready to jump right in you can register for the class here. [https://square.link/u/wM2jhfFh](https://square.link/u/wM2jhfFh) The classes are usually $147, but I am offering them for $99 for a limited time so don’t wait.

Looking forward to hearing from you and how you are going to add a little extra rest this winter season. Hope to see you in class.

*As with any new addition to your wellness routine, always check with your healthcare provider.

*Coaching for Mind Body Soul and Jacquelynn Mariest are not healthcare providers and do not diagnose and/or treat any medical conditions.

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